Insight 18

CommercePros returns with our second annual North America conference in summer 2018. Be on the look out for numerous announcements coming soon.

Insight 2018 Preview Series

This three part webinar series will feature education sessions guaranteed to prepare you for your Insight onsite experience. These sessions will have you thinking outside the box before you even arrive onsite. Make your calendar to join us Thursday, June…

10 Secrets to Successful Load Testing

We all know that load testing can be very valuable for optimizing site performance. While working in the eCommerce space for over a decade, Spark::red saw the great insights it could deliver. They also witnessed a fair amount of failed…

The Virtual Summit

Join CommercePros for our first annual virtual event January 23-25, 2018. This three day virtual conference will highlight customer best practices, new Oracle informaiton and round table discussions. Registration opens soon.

Oracle Commerce as a Single Page Application

Oracle released the Commerce Store Accelerator (CSA) with Orace Commerce version 11.2 release. This provides an extensible template for building your site as a Single Page Application (SPA). For those of you who are not familiar with this concept, think of it as way of dynamically updating a web page using AJAX with the advantage being you only update data the sections of the page which have changed.