Ordering Systems Made Easy: The Power of Oracle Commerce Cloud

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Our client is one of the leading tobacco manufacturers in the world. They approached the RealDecoy team to offer them a secure, reliable cloud solution for their online ordering systems.


For this client, a crucial part of their business is wholesale. Nearly half the company’s monthly wholesale orders are placed outside their standard electronic channels, with retailers ordering mainly through cash and carry distributors.



Albeit functional, the system is a consistent gamble, with the persistent risk that distributors will drop items from their product line, completely severing the link between our client and existing customers. To secure continued growth and profitability, our client needed to establish an independent ordering system. Simple need. Complex job.


The client needed to construct a system that mimicked the services as cash and carry distributors, readily accessible to customers worldwide, and easy for their team to learn and leverage, without increasing their workload.



RealDecoy proposed the implementation of an Online Ordering System built upon Oracle Commerce Cloud technology.


Our customized platform using OCC equips our client with a robust system, branded with the company’s image and feel. The final product provides:
  • Secure access for customers
  • Multi-language support
  • A flexible integration API for third party systems
  • Full reporting and order history capabilities
The multi-site enables customers to operate as retailers and wholesalers, with customized views for both under the same account.


With RealDecoy’s expertise in Oracle Commerce Cloud, our client now has a sophisticated digital commerce system and training for their team, enabling them to sell directly to thousands of retailers and wholesalers across Canada.



We have the experience to design and implement a conversion-driving storefront fully featured and packaged with exclusive out-of-the-box enhancements from RealDecoy’s widget library, including search box booster and fashion lookbook.


RealDecoy is committed to innovation and ready to offer aggressive pricing to help attract and close customers. We also offer specialized services for Oracle Commerce Cloud that span the customer lifecycle -- everything from conversion-centered UX design to SEO and conversion analytics.
Ordering Systems Made Easy: The Power of Oracle Commerce Cloud