The Oracle Commerce Evolution interview series is sponsored by Spark::red, the premier managed and professional services provider that enables businesses to extend their prior investment in the platform and leverage leading-edge technology such as Public Cloud, Headless CMS, Headless Commerce and Microservices. In this interview, we take a look at responses from Jonathan Steckler of The Chef's Warehouse. Here is what he had to say.

What are Chef's Warehouse's key strategic business objectives and challenges for the next 3 years?

Increasing customer adoption of digital commerce, achieving demonstrable ROI, implementing additional customer-centric functions around the commerce experience.

Do you expect to make significant changes to your Oracle Commerce systems to support those goals and address challenges? What are those changes?

No, we expect incremental changes to Commerce with additions around the edges.

Which technologies do you see most influential in your overall Commerce success and specifically to extending your investment in Oracle Commerce?

Machine learning and third party integrations are the most influential to Chef's.

What is your overall strategy/plan around Oracle Commerce? Are you planning to gradually make significant changes to the current solution by leveraging innovation and new technology such as cloud and microservcies, continue managing existing systems with minimum changes, re-platform to SaaS or another on-premise solution?

We plan to continue with existing systems with minimum changes.

Why did you select that path over alternatives? What benefits do you expect to see (or already saw in case some changes were already implemented)?

We currently see no value in replatforming. We are still building what we have.

Each business is different and the approach that works for one might be the wrong one for another company. What do you think are key considerations when selecting the right Oracle Commerce evolution strategy?

Don't think of it as an Oracle Commerce evolution strategy; think of your own evolution strategy and make Oracle Commerce do what you need (or replatform).









Are you implementing all initiatives in-house, outsourcing to a partner/multiple partners or a combination of? Which partner selection criteria for implementing your Oracle Commerce strategy are critical in your opinion?

Outsourcing to our original SI and second partner for mobile; beginning to build in-house capabilities.

Can you share any lessons learned from your Oracle Commerce journey up-to-date? If you could go back 2 years, what would you do differently (if anything) and why?

We're only 2 years in so our suggestions are limited.

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