Accessing information today is easier than ever. A quick search for Oracle Commerce Resources returned 1.43 million results. That’s enough ways to meet, learn, compare, express opinions and collaborate that it can quickly send you into a whirlwind of following dead ends and ultimately finding more distractions than true resources. Therefore, CommercePros created The Virtual Summit Jan. 23-25 – a completely virtual event focusing solely on Oracle ATG, Endeca and Commerce Cloud (ORACLE COMMERCE CLOUD) content.

So, here are the 7+ reasons to check out The Virtual Summit.

 Vermont Country Store discusses their journey to Oracle Commerce Cloud
It isn’t every day you can hear directly from a customer who migrated to ORACLE COMMERCE CLOUD. John Spencer, Director, Technology and eCommerce, takes time to detail Vermont Country Store’s journey to the cloud and provide tips to customers who are considering a migration.

American Greetings talks automating provisioning and deployments for on premise Oracle Commerce
While organizations begin to migrate to ORACLE COMMERCE CLOUD there is still work to be done with the on premise product. John Roach, Senior Software Engineer at American Greetings details their process for automating provisioning for on premise users and will share lessons learned and things to avoid during the process.

Oracle talks Adaptive Intelligent Applications
One of the biggest trends in technology is adaptive intelligent applications and who better to share what’s going on in that space with the Commerce platforms than Oracle. Oracle will share exactly what they’re doing in this area and how they are responding. shares CX Through the Eyes of the Consumer, a new destination for CX trends, expert insights and cutting-edge technology, takes a look at some of the hottest trends in customer experience and insights gleaned from the front lines. Mia McPherson, SmarterCX Content Strategist and Editor-in-Chief and Paul Leone, Senior Manager of CX Digital Strategy dive into artificial intelligence, CX personalization, shopping trends across generations and what’s in store for the future.

 Carolina Biological Supply Company Talks Embracing Change with Resilience is using technical and business investments to overcome adversity and improve quality for their customers. Carolyn Collins, Senior Software Engineer, explains some differences the math and science education materials organization had to overcome to improve and support Oracle Commerce and how a Vertical Systems Migration has enabled progress.

 Oracle Shares the End of Compromise: Delivering Compelling, Integrated, Enterprise-Grade Customer Experiences
Innovations are required to stay at the forefront of the modern customer experience and Oracle is no stranger to being at the forefront. Team Oracle discusses the latest updates on Oracle Commerce products and innovations to deliver a better customer experience.

ULTA Beauty Dives into the Commerce REST API Framework
One of the world’s leading beauty retailers, ULTA Beauty is no stranger to being in the limelight. Joe Rago, Director, Guest and Enterprise Mobility, Taral Desai, Senior Software Development Manager, and Eric Halvorsen, Software Developer/Architect provide an in-depth overview of the Commerce REST API framework.

And there’s more…
In addition to these 7 virtual sessions being presented during the virtual event, two more sessions are slated to be added to the agenda. With the holiday season slowly wrapping up, two spots have been reserved for what customers have learned during the holiday shopping season.

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