Christine Bardwell, Senior Strategist, Oracle Commerce presented the 7 Commerce predictions for 2017 noting that 2017 will be the year we hit peak online brands. A big shift in the market will be consumer brands directly selling to consumers and b2b businesses also moving to a 100% online selling model. For an online brand to succeed in the current environment, customer loyalty will be key. In the digital age, customers have control. If companies do not meet their expectations with their experience and service, they will simply shop elsewhere.

Here are several online commerce trends and initiatives that will be vital for driving customer loyalty in 2017.

  1. Artificial intelligence will give personalization a quantum loyalty boost. Katrina Gosek, Senior Director Oracle Commerce.
  2. Seizing mobile micro-moments will be the key to driving loyalty. Brenna Johnson, Senior Strategist, Oracle Commerce
  3. Speed and simplicity will trump perfection. Jeri Kelley, Senior Strategist, Oracle Commerce
  4. Direct-to-consumer selling will accelerate as companies seek to solidify brand loyalty. Mark Knisley, Director, Oracle Commerce Consulting
  5. Voice-activated shopping will change how we interact with brands. Alistair Galbraith, Senior Director, Strategy, Oracle Commerce.
  6. Shoppable video adoption will education, entertain, convert and retain. Allon Caidar, CEO, TVPage, Inc.
  7. 2017 will by the year that loyalty drives. Theresa O’Neil, Senior Vice President of Marketing, PowerReviews.

You may download the entire ebook here.

7 Commerce Predictions for 2017